This survey has been designed for use within institutions of higher education in the United States with minimal to no alterations.

For studies considering the needs of instructors in higher education outside of the United States, some of the terminology in this survey may need to be adjusted accordingly (e.g., educational qualifications).

For studies considering the needs of primary or secondary school instructors, many of these survey questions will need to be edited. Furthermore, new additions may be necessary to make the survey comprehensive when addressing the needs of these participants. For instance, it may be necessary to add a section on aligning OER to school standards, since primary school instructors select materials differently than their counterparts in post-secondary institutions.

Finally, users should consider how the specializations of instructors at their institution may affect the usefulness of this survey instrument. While this survey was created to address the discipline-specific needs of instructors, many of its questions are left intentionally vague to accommodate a variety of disciplines. When adapting this survey for use outside of its original context, users should be aware of whether the disciplinary make-up of their university will necessitate changes to this survey.


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